Ristrutturazione e gestione attiva degli asset

Our activities

The company counselling activity is characterized by the following elements:

Personalized assistance which includes direct and continuous involvement of senior professionial with decades of experience;
A strong network with several international contacts;
Easy access to 130 Group’s expertise for distressed operations management

Strategic assessment and advisory in NPE segmentation

Data Room set-up and structuring of transfer transactions, also in cooperation with the Group structures

Structuring of ad hoc vehicles and extraordinary operations

Advisory for managing procedures (art. 67 c.ter, 182 bis)

NPE management as Servicing/Outsourcing
Auctions/Reoco servicing, evaluation and management and out-of-court agreements

NPL portfolio Due Diligence on behalf of investors during pre-binding and binding offer

Advice on UTP management (unlikely to pay)

Training of NPE banks Manager, financial intermediaries and Cofidi, UTP management staff and IFRS9 training

The following steps explain how the process of consulting in UtP management works:

closer examination of the information about all available credits in UtP Portfolio, including their bank files;

evaluation of the exact “status” of each position identifying UTP positions;

UTP held positions management, based on agreements and directives chosen by customer;

Supporting SGR managing FIA founds on UTP awarded by banks;


In particular:

check and monitoring of collections;

establishment of possible moratoriums, debt restructurings and agreements;

technical support in identifying resolutions to be subjected to deliberating body, including classification of non-performing loans.

The Due Diligence activity on NPL credits portfolio pre-acquisition can be made in two different ways:

synthetic way allows to introduce a “Non Binding Offer”

more-in-depth and more complete way allows to introduce a “Binding Offer” based on documentations that can be found in Virtual Data Room

In particular:

analysis of each electronic file in order to evaluate the credit;

current issues evaluation for the purposes of following credit management;

establishment of a summary card for each customer who summarizes the most important position data (credit, guaranties, properties status, legal problems, procedure in progress, etc) with a synthetic credit evaluation.

Assistance to middle and small banks during transactions

Assistance to banks editing industrial plans or checking the existing ones, especially credit management, planning and budget

Assistance banks evaluating or adjusting their territorial network

Detection of critical situation and find possible solutions

Assistance banks relationships with Supervisory and Control Authorities

As Advisor, the company assist its customers making extraordinary transactions in order to acquire or yield shareholding, companies and company branches, helping them:

Analyzing strategic targets

Searching possible targets and/or partners (both industrial and financial)

During closing negotiation and also helping them fixing financial structure and coordinating legal and fiscal aspects